An Emphasis on Veganism

Once in the middle of nowhere, there is a cold deserted factory. If you look closer, you will see thousands of cows packed closely together. Inside they wonder what is this place. Then all of a sudden a huge metal pole strikes the cow. Before the cow can process what’s happening, all is over. The cow is then beheaded, chopped and processed. This whole gruesome process is just to put a “delicious” meal on the table.

This innocent family eating the meat is unaware of the gruesome slaughter that was used to make the food in their tummies. The company hides this fact. Even the “sustainable” ones which are more humane, still slaughter the cows anyways. Yet this horrible blood draining execution is just called a “natural” part of human nature. Remarkable.

Sure, you may say this is a way of controlling the population but that is fake. There are better ways of doing things like doing birth control on cows. Also the cows’ farts produce methane which is destroying the planet. Why can’t we just use birth control instead of killing the livestock. In the end, it is for money.

Capitalism is already treating exploited regions like slaves, so why don’t we think that it is mercilessly slaughtering thousands of animals every week. So I would recommend going vegan. This is the only way we will stop this. Taste is not an excuse to do this. Would you rather eat a nice meal which is extremely unhealthy or save billions of animals? I would rather quit some of my favorite foods instead of slaughtering an animal. We have to put an end to this blood staining merciless slaughter.

2 responses to “An Emphasis on Veganism”

  1. Thankyou for this empathy and compassion Aadil. You make me optimistic about the future.I agree with you. Population of cows is high because humans are artificially breeding them. We dont have population problems for other animals. Humans need to stop thinking that we are superior to all other living beings and start respecting the planet and all life forms.
    Great job with the blog. Keep writing!


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