A Resemblance of Anthorism

NOTE: I would recommend reading my previous posts on what is Anthorism, Mutualistic Value, and Darwinistic Value.

There is already a society in the world that is like the system I am proposing, it is the school I go to. The school I go to is very different from your average public or private school. It is a school in which the students get to choose what they want to learn. At any given time, there are two or three classes. The student gets to choose which one they attend. The classes themselves are voted by the children. If you think that children won’t be encouraged to learn, that will not happen. A lot of children don’t like learning in public school because of the way standard education works. It doesn’t actually emphasize what the child is interested in. It actually only trains children to be obedient in society which is why people today are so brainwashed and do not question society much.

A Quartz magazine article once said that the liberal education system trains students to be obedient workers and not change the world. This is a bad thing since we are ravaging our environment for darwinistic power. This school is a different place. There are resources for the students to learn and the student eventually starts questioning stuff. Debates go on and very brilliant ideas are brought to life. In this school, mutualistic power rules. People help each other instead of bullying. This school sort of resembles Anthorism.

Right now the school is very small since it is not well known. These is a sense of community in this school. Even the teachers learn from the students, so every one is a teacher student. Also note that this school has no grades. I believe that the human brain is too advanced to be measured by a number and that tests are only for obedience and not to actually help the world. This school supports the neurodivergent population and emphasizes children’s strengths, not their weaknesses (I am neurodivergent, by the way). It supports the neurodivergent population by allowing fidgets, being student led, not forcing anyone to sit somewhere, encourages people to ask as many questions as they want to, and allows open discussions. It doesn’t stop there, the school supports all people. As you may have noticed, this school is remarkably like Anthorism. If more people join, a micro-anthroistic society may get started.


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