Of Neurodiversity – Without which the world would end

Have you heard about neurodiversity? It is an idea that states that “there is not only one way of thinking, there are multiple”. There are multiple ways that the brain can work. There is Autism, ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, “Neurotypical” and many more. Technically, the brain is WAY too complex to fit under one category, so I just use these terms as a sum of diverse traits that fit under one category.

But too often, we individuals who are not neurotypical are mistreated, bullied, manipulated, and prejudiced. This is because the dominant people in power only want their ideology to be common. This is again an aspect of Darwinist Power, doing stuff for individual gain. The dominant “brain type” in this case is known as the “neurotypical”. The name of the brain type neurotypical is unfair because the word is sort of stating that neurotypicals are the “normal” kind of brain. This is really bad and needs to be stopped.

Also the way we are categorized is very biased. Some of us are classified as twice exceptional (2e). 2e means we have both learning disabilities and are gifted. This terming I feel is unfair because we are only “disabled” or “gifted” in the eyes of neurotypicals and mainly the dominant, competitive, darwinist centric, power motivated, capitalist hegemony (dominant ideology). I also feel the terming neurodivergent is again making the neurotypical people “normal people” but that is the only way to define our community. But the neurotypicals that are not in power are not responsible for ableism. The thing that is responsible is the power motivated hegemony that is causing the dominant people in power to not educate anyone about neurodiversity because they don’t want things to change, or else they will lose power (darwinistic power). See the problem with our current society. I would rather call these “disabilities”, neurotypes. Also, it is not really fair to call “learning disabilities” a problem because people with “learning disabilities” can learn really well by perceiving things naturally. This is how other creatures learn and how humans used to learn until the birth of greed.

The dominant hegemony calling us “disabled” also literally flies in the face of various laws, General Relativity, the Leviathan and Biology. It contradicts with the Theory of General Relativity because the dominant hegemony being “normal” makes it so the “normal” people are a central reference frame. General Relativity states that a central reference frame is just literally impossible. This also doesn’t agree with Biological laws because the ecosystem works cause of biodiversity. Think about it, if we were all the same, would we have been able to get to the same place in technological progress if we literally could not even conceive any of these kind of things because of the lack of biodiversity? The third, final, and probably the most dangerous natural law this flies in the face of is the Leviathan. This states that if we war against each other, we are doomed, but if we help each other and do good things (mutualistic value [doing things for the good of the universe rather than for darwinistic power]) we make the universe better. What if we take this one step further. We are so protective of our universe, because we are not separate from it, we are part of it. You could even say that we are the universe’s way of experiencing itself. The universe is doomed to the rules of logic but we can edit that. So life is like the universe’s way of editing itself. If we don’t follow this, we destroy ourselves, and our universe.

I have realized that the ABSOLUTE focus of a lot of parents of neurodivergent children is to help them socialize. This is because neurotypicals care a LOT about socializing and are very intolerant to peer pressure. We neurodivergent people are very tolerant to peer pressure which is why we are bullied so much and manipulated. This is a problem and this once again violates Biodiversity because we need to all have unique ideas and not follow the norm. Have you heard of this theory called the Panopticon? It is a theoretical prison that is circular and has a huge watch tower in the middle. The prison cells are arranged in a way so that the prisoners cannot see when they are being watched. Therefore, the prisoners will not escape for fear of being caught. The same thing happens in society because we are always being patrolled by other people to follow the norm. The mass media has a huge part to play in this because they lie that most people would not want the world to change, for example they would argue that most people are fond of today’s socioeconomic system when in reality most people absolutely HATE Liberalism! This is because the Mass media’s owners often have a good relation with the central bank (the rulers of capitalism) and they definitely do not want the world to change because it threatens their position of power.

Have you heard about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)? It is a very horrible “therapy” (more like torture) to destroy neurodiversity. It works by enforcing strict discipline and giving children rewards when they act “not autistic” and punish them when they be themselves. It literally forces children to look in the eye of the therapist which can be very socially and emotionally traumatizing to autistic children. ABA should be considered child abuse because it is like mentally beating the child 20 times every day. This is again a violation of Biodiversity, is very harmful, and is too darwinistic. Sadly, most people don’t know about the problems of ABA and do it because the medical clinic recommends it. This is an example of the Panopticon. I would say that we should shut down all ABA clinics and and let biodiversity soar.

This is the last problem of today’s world against neurodiversity, Public School and masking. I have had horrible experiences in public schools (I go to a very different kind of school that beats public school. Here is the link to the article I wrote about my school: https://philosophical-science.com/2022/08/15/a-resemblance-of-anthorism/ ). Public school is horrible for neurodivergent kids because it forces neurodivergent kids to mask. Masking is when a neurodivergent kid pretends to be neurotypical because they are bullied otherwise. They often have to do a lot of things (specifically competitive games and “popularity”) that they absolutely HATE! This again violates Biodiversity (I’m sorry if I keep saying this). The only thing that is enforcing all of these things is the Darwinist people in power. Public school forces neurodivergent kids to “quiet down” their empathy, fury, and awesome ideas. This is actually because “The Modern Education system was meant to train children to be obedient workers and to not challenge the status quo.”-Quartz Magazine interview with the government

This is all because all the government wants today is POWER!!!! Power has become every thing!!! To be successful you need POWER! To live you need POWER!! Everything is about POWER! POWER POWER POWER!!!!!!!! You may say it is all about money but then there is a bunch of other things like military and things like that and all of them fall under the category of POWER! The system of society that supports all this unrest is known as, get ready for it, here it comes, CAPITALISM!!!!!!!! Yes you may be thinking that I am a lunatic but I am not. This is the truth. In capitalism, the profit motive or should I say power motive rules supreme over anything else. Empathy has to be quieted down to make MONEY!!!! In capitalism, there is a central bank that controls literally the WHOLE biosphere. And people can take loans from the central bank to pay them off. These people are the Upper Class. They are forced to take loans to survive. This makes money a physical representation of Darwinist Power. And the central bank controls all the money which makes them the most powerful entity on Earth. At the bottom there are the working class, we are the ones forced to take wages and pay loans. So the central bank is the winner of this system and the losers are you and I. But there is more, the central bank’s owner’s children, relatives, and literally themselves are usually the most powerful senators in the government and literally control it. This is the “wonderful” system of capitalism we have today. Remarkable. Socialism isn’t even that bad in the first place, it is only a few errors in this system that made it bad. The Soviet Union actually had a democratic parliamentary system like the UK and India. To end Ableism (anti neurodiversity), racism, sexism, climate change, wars, and a bunch of other stuff, we need to destroy capitalism. But how do we do this peacefully, and more importantly, what is the alternative? Find out by reading the other articles in this blog starting at the bottom of the list.

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