A Solution

To finally stop all the world’s problems, we need to make the final innovation. We need to destroy Darwinist Value. We have nearly destroyed Earth’s atmosphere will our polluting. While most people are sad some people are really happy. These people are the owners of the central bank. They get most of the revenue of big companies that pollute. So you can see that darwinist value soars when people are suffering.

Take for example a forest fire. The people may be sad but the capitalist society is rising exponentially. The activity and wages of the workers required to stop the forest fire generates huge amount of darwinist value.

How do we solve this, you say. Well that depends on who you ask. If you ask a benevolent altruist, they would say, “We have to gain control of the means of production and do everything for mutualistic value. If you were to ask a powerful elite, they would say,”We have to capitalize on green technology.”

But his solution would only lead to more problems because it would give more power to the elite.

What is the real solution then? I debated all the ideas and came to conclude that we have to make a society that is based on mutualistic value. I call this society, Anthorism.

In this society, people work not for money but to make mutualistic value. Every time a proposal for a project is made, people would send in a type of vote to sponsor it. In our society, people would want the money for darwinist value. In this society, people would want votes for mutualistic value. All the means of production would be commonly held.

This is the final innovation we need to make. If we don’t do it, humanity will be doomed… So let us do this, and let the magic unfold…

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