The Innovation of Capitalism

We now can understand that human history has been a war between Mutual Aid and Social Darwinism (Competition amongst human beings.). We create amazing things to help each other, but the ruling class tries to seize them for personal gain. There is another thing that capitalism is based on, innovation.

Let’s say that one person owns a burrito company. The burritos that it makes are horrible but it is the only option as there is no other company. Then another company comes along that makes better burritos that are more expensive. This one becomes more popular and the other burrito company collapses. But why was another company formed. It is because of Base and Superstructure. Base and Superstructure is a scientific allegory of society that states that there are the forces of production, the Base. The Base then creates the Superstructure which is the ideology and culture of the society which in turn reifies the Base which reifies the Superstructure and so on and so forth. The person who made the other burrito company was trying to destroy the other company because he/she/they would not want the other person who is the head of the burrito company to take power. But then why did this new burrito company not create abundance for the rest of society? It is because this person was too focused on destroying the other company to have mercy with the people. This is because the Superstructure of Capitalism is Social Darwinism which makes helping other people impossible. This means that the politicians who are not ready to fix climate change are not inherently bad. They just were influenced by the Superstructure created by the generation before them. Eventually we get to the people who started capitalism. These people have been fully corrupted by the double helix and have no mercy for the public.

Capitalism would have been utopia if the revolution was led by the public, not the bourgeoisie. Continuing with the innovation chain, bourgeoisie will do anything to fire more workers to get more capital. This can be seen by the constant innovation of modern capitalism. But this poses a problem. The innovation of creating more things is also a form of Mutual Aid. This means the Mutual Aid and Social Darwinism are in direct war these days. As bourgeoisie create more innovation, we get to a point in which the machines don’t need any human assistance and can think for themselves. This means that most of humanity is jobless. But what will happen now? This leads us to the next post.

2 responses to “The Innovation of Capitalism”

  1. Hey Aadil
    Is the innovation of capitalism something to do with incentives ? Do you think people behave the way they do, not because they are evil, but because they have some incentives ?


    1. Yes, people have incentives. People do not inherently do evil things, the superstructure just makes it impossible to be good. We have a need to harvest resources, so then people might act evilly.


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