The Capitalism Story

Here is the part where we get to what this evil thing is and my allegory of human history. It all started 2 million years ago when the first Hominidae came to existence. We were in the first mode of survival when we realized that if we worked together in a collective effort, we could do amazing things. This is what the first example of Anarcho Communism is. We all made up the rules and there was no entity that was not in the control of the thing it controls. This era is what I call the Primitive Anarcho Communism.

To understand primitive Anarchy Communism you need to know the my theory of altruism.We all want to help each other because we all have a desire to control our environment because that’s the whole reason we were created. Everything in the universe was made to mutate it. But instead of wanting to exploit the universe we want to work together to keep making the universe more greater. That is why most of us have a desire for altruism. The value of doing this can be noted as “experimental value” -Talking to My Daughter About the Economy, Yanis Vaurofakis- or what I call, mutualistic value.

But there are problems that happen later on. When agriculture was invented we think it was a celebration but really it was desperation. Agriculture was only invented in places where humanity would go extinct otherwise. This was the beginning of surplus value. This event also formed another value, the evil twin of mutualistic value, darwinist value. If you really want to know why we have so many problems in this world it starts here. The geography of Eurasia was in the perfect way that surplus extraction would take hold with strong force thus causing people to get greedy for surplus and giving birth the darwinistic value. This also led to wars. The birth of Darwinistic Value was the preface to Capitalism.

This was not the case in Aboriginal Australia however. In that place, the people sought to collaborate in harmony and innovate thus causing them to attain an equilibrium with their environment and thrive as a civilization. This is why so many places got colonized by Europe, specifically Great Britain. Because most other places had already developed an equilibrium with their environment and had absolutely no weapons against the British.

Continuing with the story the people seized control and this started the system of Absolute Monarchy that had masters and slaves. The Absolute Monarchy mode of survival was much shorter than the Primitive Anthorism. For most of the 2 million years of human existence, we have had Primitive Anthorism but now we have the Absolute Monarchy for only 4.467 mellinia. In the Roman Empire, a really dim witted emperor was crowned. As a result, the military of Rome became very weak and thus, the Roman Empire got destroyed by the divided Germanic Tribes of Northwestern Europe.

For a very short time there was a surge of Primitive Anthorism until the horrible system of Feudalism took root. In Feudalism, there are kings which give out land to nobles. The land provides that nobles survival as it contains soil, water, etc. In exchange for the land, the nobles must hire vassals that provide military protection for the king. At the very bottom of the hierarchy there are serfs which are technically slaves. They work the land and make up the majority of the population. They have to do what the vassal says and cannot leave the land without the lords permission.

Then this happened. In markets at that time, you would barter for example chickens for milk. But it soon became inconvenient and this happened. A couple of goldsmiths soon decided that we would make a type of gold circle (a coin) and you could take that instead of chickens. The Goldsmith would control the money supply because he wanted something back in return from the people after he distributed the coins. This is interest rate. This was the start of capitalism. The goldsmith is what would become the central bank. The Nobles in fudalism would take money from the goldsmith to make profit. Soon they thought. Why do we need these annoying serfs, I can just get supplies from the central bank. So they forcefully removed all the surfs and they begged that they would do anything for food and this is how capitalism started.

Back then money could only be printed corresponding to the supply of gold because money was tied to a certain amount of gold. Eventually the us government changed the price that gold could be given to the m from $20 to $30. They did this for a reason. All the countries started exporting gold to the United States to get rich. Soon everyone was reliant on the US Dollar. So all of the big banks of the countries that were reliant on the US Dollar and the big bank of the United States itself met in a hotel in Bretton Woods and had a meeting that would change humanity forever (for now). This meeting was top secret in fact, no one was allowed to sit in the train the the attendants were riding in. The formed the Bretton Woods Agreement, this would make the US Dollar have a central bank and become an international currency. All international transactions would go through the central bank and they would have to approve it. money is just a tangible version of darwinistic value so the central bank would become the most powerful entity on Earth. The central bank is only known as the federal reserve because the UK had a central bank and it ruined hundreds of people’s lives. At that time a lot of people liked the government so they named the central bank the federal reserve. It is not at all government controlled.

Eventually President Nixon made money not correspond to any gold which gave the central bank infinite power.

The question is, how do we solve this horrible problem, capitalism. That leads us to the next post.

2 responses to “The Capitalism Story”

  1. Hey Aadil
    Have you thought of writing about what the world was like before Europeans colonised the ‘global south’ ? Were human beings always taking advantage of the weaker sections ? Was there always a ‘global south’ ?


    1. No, humans were not always trying to take over weaker sections of the world. In fact, for most of human history, we were doing the opposite, mutually helping each other.


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