Where we are

Before we can talk about anything else, we must describe human’s present. We will do so by using the Kardashev Scale. The Kardashev Scale is a scale for ranking civilizations by their energy use developed by scientist Nikolia Kardashev. For example, a Type I Civlization is able to harness the energy of it’s planet. A Type II Civilization is able to harness the energy of their home system by building a Dyson Sphere. A Type III civilization is able to manipulate it’s home galaxy and this is where our knowledge barrier hits, right when the transition to a Type III is thought by us, a Type 0.75 civilization. This can be explained using the ideology of the Plato’s Cave.

When you think about it, energy is sort of like a universal currency between objects. To do anything, you need energy to control a mass. Everything is made out of what I call “Mass-Energy” which are objects obeying the E = mc2 equation which is everything, well, sort of. When dark energy and dark matter come into the picture it might mess up everything but our civilization number is only Type 0.75 so this is what we know.

Let’s place Humanity into the picture. We started with nothing and acted as regular apes until suddenly a huge increase in intelligence (probably caused by a large scale genetic mutation) which made us discover the ability to walk. This now enabled our hands to do work which led to the discovery of fire. This increased our place on the Kardashev Scale and made us more intelligent and maybe even more conscious by making us more aware of our surroundings and their uses. Then we discovered agriculture and this was the start of the first advanced human civilization who were the Sumerians who lived in what is now modern day Iraq. For a long time it was just farming and farming and farming! Though humans had spread pretty much all over the Earth as time passed by. But then something big happened. 

In my opinion, there was a build up to this event spanning the years 1300-1800. This is when James Watt invented the steam engine which led to the discovery of coal which started the industrial revolution. As we advanced as a Civilization, our energy use grew by millions. We then reached the modern age. We now know how to split an atoms nucleus which led to many discoveries in science and (changing topic) medicine is in a very good state allowing us to live longer than ever. Also we have explored the solar system via unmanned probes. But wait! Is it all that good? Turns out that the major system and ideology of humanity has some fundamental problems which is the perfect introduction to… The next post.

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